Welcome to the A Book in the Hand Web site




Welcome to our brand new Web site!


My name is Elizabeth Moisan, and I'm the director and founder of A Book in the Hand (ABITH) and Shelf Space. I'm also the author of Master of the Sweet Trade: A Story of the Pirate Samuel Bellamy, Mariah Hallett, and the Whydah.


This Web site is a "noble experiment", being put together in layers, bits and pieces, and by trial and error, peck and hunt. What you see today might not be there the next time you take a look. You never know.


The immediate purpose is to present the news from ABITH and Shelf Space, and to one day serve as a directory of Cape authors, their book titles and contact info. You will be invited to supply this information, which will appear on the Author Directory page, and through the magic of cyber space, will be available to anyone trying to find YOU


I don't intend this site to replace your Web site, nor will it list your author news (talks, signings, book availability, etc.) At the moment things will remain simple, easy, and straight forward.


On the About ABITH page you'll find a bit of history, how the program works, and a handy map with the address and phone number of the Jacob Sears Memorial Library, the lovely building in East Dennis we call home.


The Author Directory pages will list Cape authors alphabetically by last name, their published book titles and genres, and contact info: email, Web site, and phone.


On the Contact page you'll find a place to leave a comment; send info; sign up for the Open-mic Night in September; RSVP for a special event; etc.


The Yearly Schedule, This Month at ABITH, and Shelf Space pages keep you up-to-date.


Please feel free to explore all the pages as they become available. If you've never attended an ABITH or Shelf Space event, perhaps you'll give it some thought. If you'd like to present your book, perhaps you'll be intrigued. If you want to get in on the ground floor of a Cape-wide (I hope) author directory, now's your chance.


By the way, our logo of the girl reading a book was created for us by artist Stephanie Reeve. I think she did a terrific job, and I thank her very much. It's just the right touch!


Thanks very much for reading, for taking part, for your interest, and for your support. I always say it's better to get shot down in mid-flight than to never take off, so here we go!